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Life On The Road
Issue 176 is here! in fact this maybe in your mitts right now, if not it won’t be long until it is. Here’s what’s inside…

It’s this time of year that the road trips really start to get going. The weather kicks in and before you know it you’re in a transit van watching your friend construct a makeshift lavatory from a Pringles tube and an empty tin of lager. We’ve got Walter Pieringer on location in Bogota, Columbia. Proper say Bon Voyage to the UK and nip over the channel with Mike Miller and Max Wood. Jason Phelan and his crew really get into the thick of things in “A Trip Like No Other” to South East Asia. Finally we’re dodging raindrops in Toulouse with Marie Jade and Alex Valentino.


Between The Raindrops
Words by Marie Jane and Alex Valentino Photos by: Vince Perraud


Marie Jade and Alex Valentino take on the weather in Toulouse, France with very good results. Amazing stories and incredible spots.