MArieJADE – Chut! – Acte Final, Lyon from MArieJADE on Vimeo.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. There a year ago, we started this project in the hope of proving that it was possible to do something with little means, in the same occasion, that actions speak louder than words.

There will be three cities for three acts, “Chut! Acte I in Montpellier” (, “Chut! Acte II in Toulouse” (, and the last and not least “Chut! , Acte Final” in Lyon.

Featuring: Joris Coulomb, Maxime Terrasson, Nicolas Terrez, Arnaud Wolff, Kevin Kalkoff, Renaud Coquillon, Anthony Perrin & Alexandre Valentino.

Shot by Alexandre Valentino, Thibaut Grevet and Cedric De Rodot
Introduce by Thibaut Grevet
Cut by Alexandre Valentino